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Summer Camp 2024

Summer Skills Camp provides for thousands and thousands of Reps

Campers vs Coaches

Summer Skills Camp 2024 will run at full capacity and allow for thousands of reps to those who attend

SoFLO Volleyball Academy's Summer Skills Camp, since 2013, will be another fun filled experience with thousands of reps!!   With the popularity of the camp, every week is expected to run at full capacity of athletes.  Having worked with a couple hundred athletes last summer, and literally thousands of athletes over the past decade of camps, SoFLO Summer Skills camp will certainly provide a platform for athletes to improve at a speed which cannot be duplicated in regular club season practices.  

The Academy will utilize over 12 coaches on a rotation over the coarse of this summer's 4 weeks of camp.  With the camp running from 8am till 430pm, this will allow for athletes to work on improving all aspects of their game.  In the gym will be multiple ball feeding machines such as the Cat, the Dragon, and other training machines such as the bow net and the AcuSpike all used to maximize repetitions.  The camp runs on 12-minute station rotations through out the day. 

Make plans to be part of our Summer Skills Camp this summer and take advantage of the hundreds and hundreds of reps before the next season starts.  Invest in your athlete by providing them a foundation to playing good volleyball and the teachings will permeate into their lives.

Daily Schedule

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Our volleyball camps have operated in Southern Florida since 2013 and each summer the SoFLO Volleyball Camps run at complete capacity.  The camps have a very low athlete to coach ratio, about 7 athletes for every coach.  

Over the years the SoFLO Volleyball Academy Summer Camp provides for the opportunity to train over 240+ athletes each summer.  Amazing to see these kids walk into our gym, often times intimidated, and leave beaming with confidence year over year! Those results, to our Academy, is success!  The coaches for the camps are active high school boys and girls varsity coaches from several different local high schools, as well as some former and current NCAA Division I, II & III athletes... all of us love the game and are working to grow the sport.  

Camp always runs at full capacity due to the very structured skill training which SoFLO Volleyball Academy has mastered through many years of training and developing volleyball athletes.   

SoFLO Volleyball Academy won it's first national championship in 2018 by winning the the AAU National Championship in the Open 11u girls Division that summer, then, we won the USAV National Beach Championship Open 12u boys Division in 2021 and 2023.  The same coaches and several athletes that won these Championships continue to participate in our summer camps. Additionally, we made it to the National Championship game in 2022 with our 13u Boys' team, all of which have been part of our development and camps since beginning in their volleyball careers.   During our camp, your athlete receives the same level of championship training as our National Champions have received in their incredible runs thru both the AAU and USAV National Championships. 

SoFLO Volleyball Academy is a certified Gold Medal Squared (GMS) academy. The Academy uses the training techniques which our coaches have learned through their certification in GMS, as well as combining literally decades of playing and coaching experience into our teaching.  During camp, athletes are put in front of different training machines such as the "Dragon", the AccuSpike, the AirCat and other training tools that maximize their time vs reps in each session.  

SoFLO Volleyball Academy Summer Camp is unlike other camps in that we are not a baby sitting serve, we are a volleyball academy and during camp, volleyball is what we do.    Invest your athlete's time this summer in the Summer Volleyball Skills Camp and they will learn the game.

Location:   South Plantation High School, 1300 SW 54th Avenue, Plantation, 33317

Drop off time: 800am 

Instruction 9am till 3:00pm 

Pick up time: no later than 4:30pm

Questions:   Contact Coach Audie at 954-600-9810

Click the following link to find out about our national club certification.   

SoFLO Volleyball Academy is a Certified Gold Medal Squared Club

Click the following link to read a Sun Sentinel article on our National Championship Crown.  

SoFLO Volleyball Academy AAU National Champions 11u Open Division

Our Week Long Camps offer a platform for athletes to significantly improve their volleyball skills. Designed to take athletes to the next level, it is also a great way to learn the fundamentals of volleyball skills and sharpen their overall game with certified instruction in a positive environment.  This camp is where some of our National Champions were born.

A normal day consists of 5 hours of instruction which includes functional fitness training, dynamic and performance training, many many drills, open volleyball play, some outdoor grass volleyball and some yoga to stretch and challenge the athlete's balance. Our camps are open to boys and girls ages 7-18. We incorporate multiple courts while separating the athletes according to their skill level and we keep the coach to athlete ratios about 1 to 8.  In this environment athletes can learn alongside competitors and have the ability to work themselves up to the more advanced levels. These camps are fun, competitive, and an excellent way to enjoy volleyball all while lifting their game. 

Camp has a No Refund Policy.