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SoFLO Tournaments

SoFLO Volleyball Hosted Clubs & Teams

The following 66 Volleyball Clubs/Academies have all participated in our SoFLO Volleyball tournaments or have played in a SoFLO hosted league event:

  • 1st Brazilian Volleyball Club
  • 2 Legit Sports
  • 305 Volleyball Club
  • A Gozar Volleyball Academy
  • Adrenaline USA Volleyball
  • Atlantic Coast Volleyball Club 
  • Atomic Volleyball Club
  • Attaque Volleyball of Canada
  • Biosport Volleyball Academy
  • Boomers Volleyball Academy
  • Breakers Volleyball Club
  • BridgePrep Academy
  • Coastal Volleyball
  • Diamond Volleyball Club
  • Doral Volleyball Academy
  • Florida Conquer Volleyball
  • Florida Elite Volleyball
  • Florida Suns Volleyball Club
  • Florida Typhoon Sports Academy
  • High Voltage Volleyball Club
  • Hurricane Volleyball
  • Impulse Volleyball
  • Imua Ohana Volleyball
  • JM-10 Volleyball
  • JP Avengers Volleyball
  • Legion Volleyball
  • Matrix Volleyball
  • Miami Hype Volleyball
  • Miami Lighting Volleyball
  • Miami Select Volleyball
  • Miami United Volleyball Club
  • Miami Volleyball Academy
  • Miami Xtreme Volleyball Academy
  • Miramar Youth Sports Club Volleyball
  • Mizuno Volleyball Academy
  • Molivoleibol USA
  • Nike Volleyball Club
  • Nitro Volleyball
  • North Miami Beach Volleyball Club
  • Ocean Bay Volleyball Club
  • Ocean Breeze Volleyball Club
  • Ohana Volleyball Club
  • Orlando Gold Volleyball Club
  • Palm Beach Set Volleyball Club
  • Pure Energy Volleyball
  • Rampage Volleyball
  • Rhiza Volleyball Club
  • Riptide Volleyball Academy
  • Rival Volleyball Club
  • Rockets Volleyball
  • Sierra Volleyball Club
  • SoFLO Volleyball Academy
  • South Florida Volleyball Club
  • Surfside Volleyball Club
  • Sunrise Volleyball Academy
  • Tainos Volleyball Club
  • Tribe Volleyball Club
  • Two Legit Sports
  • Upper Keys Volleyball Club
  • UPPS Volleyball Club
  • Vipers Volleyball Club
  • Volei Miami Volleyball Club
  • Volleyball Institute of Palm Beach
  • Wellington Volleyball Academy
  • Wildfire Volleyball
  • Winter Park Volleyball Club

SoFLO Comes Together

SoFLO Tournaments & League Events

SoFLO Volleyball staff has been hosting and working tournaments for many years in the South Florida community.  Since 2009 we have hosted over 436 (as of 12/18/2023) tournament waves for teams from Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe and Desoto Counties and even have hosted a team from Canada!   
We partnered, in the 2018 club season, with Wildfire Volleyball and several other local volleyball clubs to bring the Florida Junior Challenge League to Southern Florida.  SoFLO uses some of our courts we operate on to run these league events along with other partner clubs.  The goal is to provide a competitive and affordable playing format for the clubs that play in the Tri-county region.  The League played host to over 100 teams in the 2018-2019 first season and now hosts over 160 teams seasonally.


Additionally, SoFLO Volleyball is partnered with Rival Volleyball in 2021to run Development Tournament events.  These events are one day events run for development level teams on Sundays.

In our SoFLO Volleyball hosted tournaments, teams play in pools and then cross pool to compete for 1st through 4th place. We take sincere pride in hosting quality tournaments that run on time, have professional referees, cross pool play the teams and provide trophies/medals for first place teams.  This is important to all involved.  There is a huge difference in the quality of the event for players & spectators in comparison to just participating in a local team scrimmage, and SoFLO Volleyball is focused on quality in our services, not quantity in our organization.  


All of SoFLO Volleyball Tournaments:

  1. are by invitation only
  2. have professional up Referees 
  3. play conventional best of 3 sets, 2 sets to 25 and 3rd set to 15
  4. guarantee 3 matches with top 4 teams playing 4th match each
  5. start at 8am SHARP! Doors open at 7:15am for A.M. Waves. P.M. Waves start at 2 or 3pm.
  6. provide trophy/medals for 1st place team
  7. provide trophy/medal to one MVP voted on by participating coaches and referees
  8. select an all tournament team by vote of the coaches
  9. are done by 3:00pm for A.M. Waves and 9:30pm for P.M. Waves
  10. are all one day tournament events
  11. are fun and challenging for players and exciting for the spectators!

Florida Junior Challenge League

Florida Junior Challenge League

SoFLO Volleyball Academy is an integral part of the Florida Junior Challenge League as an original founding club and a provider of host facility sites.