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1st Parent-Athlete Beach Tournament of 2020

10/10/2020, 10:45pm EDT
By SoFLO Volleyball

SoFLO Beach hosted a 10-team Parent & Athlete pair tournament on Saturday Oct. 10th at the newly built SoFLO Sandbox.  Celebrating the End of Summer, parents and athletes competed well in a beautiful day that saw passing rain and the Florida sunshine.  Great job to all participants!!

Congratulations to the Winners: Mateo and Mom (Cyndi)

Followed by Runner-up dad and son pair: B&B Aces (Diego/Ricard)

Tied for 3rd Place: Team Wade (Audrey/Krista) & Team Blockbuster (Payton/Ryan)


1st Parent Athlete Tournament Event

1st Parent Athlete Tournament Event - Oct 2020

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