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SoFLO Beach


SoFLO Beach has a permanent training facility 

SoFLO Beach Volleyball has moved our Sand training to our newly built Soref JCC Sand courts known as the SandBox.   The 2 new courts are filled with 550 tons of sifted beach sand and will provide 5,600 square feet playing surface with entire perimeter fenced with a soft polymer, a perfect venue for SoFLO Volleyball athletes to train and compete in the sand volleyball game.   Having these courts will allow for SoFLO Volleyball to establish year around training, league play and run tournament events.   

SoFLO Beach Program offers Development Youth Instruction, Elite Junior Training, Intermediate to Advanced Adult Classes, and Individual Private Lessons all on the sand.

Sunny South Florida is one of the most ideal environments in the world to learn how to play and train on the sand.

An official Division I Collegiate sport, Beach Volleyball is expanding at an astounding pace and offers athletes another avenue to earn an athletic scholarship aside from the indoor game.

SoFLO Beach Volleyball offered Programs:

  1. Development Youth Instruction
  2. Elite Junior Training (Must first be evaluated)
  3. Intermediate and Advanced Adult Class
  4. Individual and Small Group Private Lessons
  5. AVP Tournament Events

SoFLO loves Beach Volleyball and all of the athletic benefits gained from playing in the sand.  As current competing athletes and coaches we want to share the same passion and competitive desires with you! We are Safe Sport Certified and active members of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).

We use coaching techniques and drills applied at the collegiate, professional, and international levels.  As active players, our coaching style is individualized and creates a true understanding for our athletes as we relate on an “up-to-date” level of training.

Join us and grow your game on the sand!  

SandBox Volleyball Courts

SandBox Volleyball Courts

Beach Training

Beach Sessions

El Dorado Sand Court

Remember to bring

A positive mental attitude
Water, lots of water
Sand Socks

Coach Tania & Elena Win Tampa Bay Womens A Division

Sun-Sentinel Article 12 year old Elena Lam of SoFLO Volleyball and her Mom, Coach Tania claim Women's Title at Tampa Bay Beach Bum Event to start the 2020 New Year with a victory. Congratulations to the SoFLO Volleyball mother-daughter duo!

Recent Beach Season 2020 News

1st Parent-Athlete Beach Tournament of 2020

10/10/2020, 10:45pm EDT
By SoFLO Volleyball

SoFLO Beach hosted a 10-team Parent & Athlete pair tournament on Saturday Oct. 10th at the newly built SoFLO Sandbox.  Celebrating the End of Summer, parents and athletes competed well in a beautiful day that saw passing rain and the Florida sunshine.  Great job to all participants!!

Congratulations to the Winners: Mateo and Mom (Cyndi)

Followed by Runner-up dad and son pair: B&B Aces (Diego/Ricard)

Tied for 3rd Place: Team Wade (Audrey/Krista) & Team Blockbuster (Payton/Ryan)


1st Parent Athlete Tournament Event

1st Parent Athlete Tournament Event