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Heart Break Invitational

03/02/2018, 12:30pm EST
By SoFLO Volleyball

Great volleyball warming up Valentines Day

We had another weekend of great volleyball at the Heart Break Invitational. There was a lot of highlights in this weekend. 

Please find below all tournament results:


12U Division

1st 2 Legit 12U
2nd 305 VBC 12U
3rd SoFLO 12U Blue
4th Suns 12U
5th Miramar 12U
6th Wellington 12U

 Tournament MVP: Dubra Ifill (2 Legit 12U)


14U Division

1st SoFLO 13U Gold
2nd Suns 14U
3rd Sierra 14U
4th SoFLO 13/14U Blue
5th Suns 13U
6th Sierra 13U
7th Doral 14U R
8th Coastal 13-1

Tournament MVP: Benicia Stephen (Suns 14U)


16U Division

1st SoFLO 15U Gold
2nd Coastal 16-1
3rd Upper Keys 16U
4th SoFLO 15U Blue
5th Coastal 14U
6th Miramar 16U
7th Coastal 16-2
8th Coastal 15

Tournament MVP: Yamell Mejia (SoFLO 15U Blue)


18U Division

1st Coastal 18U
2nd Coastal 17U
3rd SoFLO 18U Blue T
4th SoFLO 18U Blue M
5th Coastal 16U
6th SoFLO 17U Blue

Tournament MVP: Demetria Gary (SoFLO 18U Blue T)


Thank you for your participation!!!

SoFLO Volleyball

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