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A 9 year old girl's vision on practice, by Elena Lam member of SoFLO 12U Blue

09/27/2016, 12:15pm EDT
By SoFLO Volleyball

This is what Elena Lam, a 9 year old girl from SoFLO Volleyball, wrote about the importance of practice.

"Practicing is very important. It is very important because if you get the most out of practicing then 1 day you can become the world greatest volleyball player. I mean come on every little girls dream is to become the worlds greatest volleyball player. Kerri Walsh has 3 children and she is still practicing. Sometimes people choose not to practice. Then when the next weekend comes around the coach can see that you didn't practice last weekend. You passing is off target, your setting is of the court, your hitting is out of the antennae, and your serving isn't even passing the 10 foot line. Some development kids are just learning to play volleyball they can at least get their serve over just underhand. My dad tells me serving is not to get an ace it it to get the ball into play. My mom says that try to stay on the service line for a long time. Being the best is okay but being 2nd is AWESOME to. Well now you see why practicing is IMPORTANT. " by Elena Lam

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