SoFLO Volleyball Academy

SoFLO Girls Teams: 10U thru 17U

2020-21 SEASON NOV – MAY


Team Level: Teams will participate in four (4) local tournament events which may be 2-day events and/or 1-day events; and two (2) overnight in-state travel 2-day tournaments events.  Players will practice 3 times per week of which one practice may be in the sand.  This program is for intermediate level athletes.  Team practices begin first week of November.

Locations: Practices take place at the following locations: (subject to change)

  • David Posnack JCC-Davie
  • Soref JCC-Plantation (Indoor courts)
  • Soref JCC-Plantation (Sand courts)

Requirements: Register with SoFLO Volleyball Academy click here.  Current AAU Membership through August 2021. Please go to to complete AAU Membership.  Make sure to associate player with SoFLO Volleyball Academy (code: WYDD6C).