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SoFLO - Indoor Teams

A Team Sport - Boys and Girls Team Programs

SoFLO's 2017-18 Club Season 

Something that sets our teams apart is that SoFLO's team structure is based on 10 athletes per team, as opposed to carrying 12 or more on a team.  The reason for this is the amount of ball touches during practice time and amount of playing time during the games is more with 10 athletes per team vs 12.

Teams are divided into Blue Teams and Gold Teams.   Blue teams are regional teams that play in local one & two day events and Gold teams are state/national teams playing is both 1, 2 and 3 day events.  The season runs from September thru April (for Blue Teams) with National Season continuing on May through June (for Gold Teams).  We also have a very successful beach training program where we train athletes on the sand and run our own beach tournaments. The Beach Season starts in March and runs thru August. The Girl's Mini Season, which caters to girls 14 years and younger, runs from August thru October.

Creating and Sustaining Championship Thinking Team Behavior Requires a Coming Together of Personalities With The Skills and Commitment to Wisely Give and Take, Lead and Follow…Often in a Heartbeat ~ from Championship Thinking Coach

Girls and Boys Club Team Programs-  SoFLO offers a number of programs for players of ages 5-18 and all abilities.  SoFLO has a staff with a proven track record for developing and training athletes at all levels both on and off the court. The club works with all players:  players that want to learn the game and have fun; players that want to become better for their high school team; and players that want to play at the next level in college. 

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