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SoFLO - About Us


SoFLO Volleyball Academy's mission is to grow the game by educating, training, guiding and mentoring youth development athletes and Junior advanced college bound athletes in the sport of volleyball, with a focus on building life-long character in each individual. SoFLO Volleyball promotes healthy, active lifestyles while providing elite championship level training in a safe positive environment for all to learn, grow and excel in the game of volleyball and in life.

SoFLO Volleyball is a Certified Gold Medal Squared Club. SoFLO Volleyball follows a training methodology which uses the modern techniques of the game arrived through the current generation of players but has kept the foundational principals and values which shaped the game in those of us who have grown up in the game.  This perfect blend of training is what brought the club our first 3 National Championship Titles and 2 National Runner-up finishes.

SoFLO Volleyball offers: week long Summer Camps, small group Clinics, Private 1 on 1 training, weekly youth Development training in our D.A. (the Development Academy), Advanced College bound training, Beach training, Beach competitive teams, Regional Indoor and National Indoor Club teams.  SoFLO Volleyball plays host to our own tournaments as well as we host & participate in a Local/Regional League (the Florida Junior Challenge League), and National tournaments throughout the year.  SoFLO Volleyball operates year around programs to train and prepare athletes at whatever level they are at: elementary school, middle school, high school, or for their college team. SoFLO Volleyball offers elite level training for all who choose to follow the championship path.

Who We Are

SoFLO Volleyball is a group of athletes comprised from a vast array of experiences having growin up in different sports, soccer, basketball and volleyball, and playing experiences ranging from NCAA Division I volleyball participation to active local varsity high school coaches, all with a passion for spreading a life-long love of GOOD sport and great volleyball. The SoFLO Volleyball staff is committed to do what we can to get athletes more involved in the sport that we all love!  What SoFLO Volleyball is focused on and what makes us different is we are instigating positive life-long transformational change in our athletes in the sport and as individuals. At SoFLO Volleyball we demand focus on the personal growth, self-esteem, and long-term well-being of athletes above ALL else, the athletes will learn the game but life long lessons are our most important lessons.  We sincerely are focused on PURPOSE not profit.

Our Mission

The mission of SoFLO Volleyball Academy is to successfully develop the student-athlete as a whole person and help them on their journey from elementary, middle school, high school and into collegiate level. SoFLO Volleyball has high standards for their athletes, coaches, tournaments and programs and these standards are designed to pass on life long principles to all that come into contact with our organization.

SoFLO Volleyball is committed to the physical and emotional well-being of every student-athlete and to the social development of the whole person. We recognize that great demands are placed on students who participate in athletics, and we are committed to providing support to help them manage these demands. SoFLO Athletes are expected to adhere to a level of conduct that brings credit to themselves, their families and the Academy where they practice, play and study.

Our Philosophy

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

SoFLO Volleyball is committed to the highest sense of integrity with all our actions as part of our Academy, but more importantly the entire community.

  • Strength 

SoFLO Volleyball serves as mentors seeking to teach by using all our coaching staff's combined experiences.  We seek to create and foster life long enhancing relationships, which lead to a strong athlete but more importantly a strong person.

  • Competitive Spirit

SoFLO Volleyball uses the competitive spirit and sportsmanship in the growth of each athlete.  Our goal is not only to win but more importantly to excel at each athlete's highest level while acting and competing in a way that reflects our core values.

  • All for one and one for all

It takes an entire team and on every team, each individual bears responsibility and plays an important role in reaching the team common goal. SoFLO Volleyball strives to bring out the best in each individual and the role they have to play in order to guide them to become the best team player possible. 

SoFLO Volleyball Academy is proud to announce our Academy has recently signed a sponsorship agreement with the world's best volleyball uniform and shoe manufacturer, Asics Volleyball.  The Asics brand has traditionally been at the forefront of volleyball technology. It's an awesome opportunity to partner with the best volleyball brand on the planet, we welcome Asics Volleyball as a partner in our mission to grow our sport! 

SoFLO Volleyball Academy is Powered by Asics Volleyball